The human microbiome and the skin 

What is the skin microbiome?

To answer this question, first, let’s think of the skin. The skin is an organ, the biggest of the human body; it is also an ecosystem where microbes live in symbiosis on its surface.

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The Skin – Our first line of defense against outside invaders

Discover the amazing capabilities of our skin, the first line of defense against outside invaders.

Learn why every skin functions the same and its needs are all the same, and how to provide the optimal environment for it to perform at its best. Restore the balance and give back essential elements to your skin's ecosystem with our expert tips.

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All skin is the same

Although we all appear to have different skin “types”, every skin functions the same, and its needs are all the same.

We all have skin, and for every one of us the skin is not only an organ, it’s also a beautiful ecosystem.

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