All skin is the same

Although we all appear to have different skin “types”, every skin functions the same, and its needs are all the same.

We all have skin, and for every one of us the skin is not only an organ, it’s also a beautiful ecosystem. Our founder, Dr. Mireille Vega, has spent years researching and identifying the important parts of this skin ecosystem, or skin microbiome.

Not only do we all have skin, we all have the same three layers of skin:

  • deep (subcutis),
  • middle (dermis)
  • and outer (epidermis).

With so much in common, it is perplexing that we are told time and again by experts and influencers that we need different products for our skin’s needs. This skincare myth has been repeated so often that it is now accepted as fact.

But the real fact is that while your skin is indeed a complex organ, it really has three basic and universal requirements.

So what does your skin need?


All we really need to do is restore our skin system’s balance and give back the essential elements that we have stripped away with our lifestyle. And moisturize. The double armor of our dermis does the rest!


NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) composes the “water-based” protective layer of the human skin. 20 to 30% of the outer layer of the skin are NMF components. Almost one third.

So, why’s the NMF important? It is essential for the optimal outer skin layer’s functions. Our products contain all the robust ingredients necessary for keeping your skin hydrated and healthy looking. 


The NMF components – mainly free amino acids and inorganic salts – are effective humectants. Humectants attract and bind water into the skin, when at the right pH. The NMF thus ensures that water is available for healthy enzymatic processes and for bridging multiple components through its amino acids. This bridging supports the skin’s structure, elasticity and osmotic balance.

To restore and replenish the skin’s layers and health, it’s important to be very mindful of the products we put on our skin, whether it’s our daily skin routine, the towel we use on our face, or even makeup.

Our “similar skin,” while complex, has similar and basic needs.

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