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Learn all about the One Human Skin of Dr. Mimi and how she created our amazing products.

Nature Makes Science

Welcome to V*GAM, the search for a simple and lasting skincare routine is over.

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V*GAM Values That Say It All

  • 100% from Lab to Skin

    All ingredients are from natural sources and when possible, from local sources.

  • Respect & Science

    The fundamental values ​​of V*GAM are respect, innovation and transparency.

  • Natural & Vegan

    We make sure our packaging is ecological and our ingredients are from reliable sources and when possible, are sourced locally and organic.

  • Cruelty Free

    Respect for our micro and macro environments. Our planet and our community. Our bodies and our microbiota.

V*Gam Biome

Quality Without Compromise

Our natural cosmetics line, leverages cutting-edge microbiology and dermatology knowledge to create products that respect the skin's optimal balance. Our natural vegan line, free from harmful irritants like BHA, parabens, phthalates, and perfumes, ensures non-irritant and non-toxic ingredients for you and the environment.

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For The Full Biotik Routine

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Mineral Serum | Biotik Komplements
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Facial Cream | Biotik Elements
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Facial Cleanser | Pure Artik
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Meet Our Founder

Dr. Mimi V.

Dr. Mireille Vega's passion for knowledge and coherence in skincare led her to create V*GAM, an authentic and adaptable skincare solution merging over 30 years of experience for everyone.

Our Values

Our Mantra


At V*GAM, our vision is to revolutionize the skincare industry with natural, science-based products catering to individual skin types, while our mission is to inspire change through high-end, vegan ingredients and techniques that simplify routines and instill trust and peace in our clients' lives.

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Skin Health Simplified

  • 1. The Iconic Duo

    The ultimate, simple solution for all skin types in 2 easy steps.

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  • 2. The Cleanser

    Use our Cleanser for the full Biotik Routine.

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  • 3. Hand Cream

    Nourish the exposed skin of your hands and protect it from aggressions: disinfection, frequent cleaning, temperature changes.



Great on my sensitive skin.

"I really love the products (serums, creams, cleanser), the smells (I have the unscented version of the cream, but I adore the scent of the serum, it does not bother my very sensitive skin), and I am very pleased to say that neither the cleanser nor the creams and serums bother my eyes, as many do.I also love the ease of use of so few products to manage. I like that you do not use plastic, this is a big plus for me."

Laura C. on Jan 24 2023


"Thank you for your product, I already see a clear difference. My skin is getting better and better. It was time for me to find a treatment like that."

Mélanie B. on Dec 12 2022


"A line of healthy and easy-to-use products developed by a woman passionate about science and skin health."

Steve L. on Nov 20 2022