The Emergence

Dr. Mimi has always held a substantial curiosity for understanding the inner workings of things, particularly when it concerns her own body and what she puts on it. Her passion for chemistry led to spending her Sundays during her teenage years dedicated to analyzing the compositions of skincare products lining the shelves of the drug store. Although she sought out natural solutions, truly nothing seemed to make sense…


PhD in Biotechnology Merges With The Microbiome

A passionate environmental activist since a very early age, Mireille was determined to craft a skincare range that benefits both people and the planet. With her mother's leukemia diagnosis and her grandmother's passing from breast cancer, oncology becomes a priority - helping her discover the meticulous connections between ingredients, products, and health issues. When her son is diagnosed with a brain tumor, she is forced to shift focus to family health and becomes a pioneer in immunology, connecting it to the microbiome's role in conditions like psoriasis. Merging her personal experiences with her PhD in Biotechnology, the notion of prevention and comprehending the criteria for product health takes on a newfound intrigue. Although her journey towards finding the root causes behind skin complications and care were put on a brief pause, Mireille’s studies of the gut microbiome unveils a possible missing element—could the microorganisms on our skin similarly nurture skin health, much like those in our gut?



Upon diving deep into the world of the microbiome, Dr. Mimi has her first "a-ha" moment when she connects the chemistry of skin with the important & friendly microorganisms living on its surface. With her daughter entering her teenage years and asking for help with her skin issues, Mireille experiences a second Eureka as she tries to give a simple answer. She realization that the usual complex skincare routines might not be the answer leads her to leave her corporate job and step into the adventure of entrepreneurship, all in pursuit of uncovering and sharing the real truth behind healthy skin and how to care for it.


The Revolutionary ONE HUMAN SKIN Approach

Dr. Mimi dives head-first into the world of ingredients, sifting through the good, the bad and the superfluous. She holds an intense desire for honing in on creating a formulation that tends exactly to what the skin needs, nothing else, and that benefits anyone, whether they’re elderly or a teenager. The ONE HUMAN SKIN approach is born - focusing on the dynamics that remain consistent whether you're 18 or 81, whether you're in a warm climate or a cold one, or whether you're in Asia or America.


The GO2 Duo

Persevering through countless trials, adhering to Health Canada’s standards, and adjusting to the ever-shifting needs of her skin, her purpose and relentless work leads to a breakthrough: the emergence of the GO2 Duo - a one step solution that introduces an adaptable care that finally makes sense. The VGAM Artik cleanser is created shortly after, designed to whisk away the day's grime—makeup, sunscreen, you name it—without robbing the skin of its essential oils and proteins that reinforce its’ double armour. Her boldness doesn’t stop there, Dr. Mimi launches her brand and website right in the midst of the pandemic. She even whips up a comforting hand cream, something so essential these days, and back then, when hand sanitizer was a staple in everyday routines. Rooted in her own health-conscious lifestyle, Dr. Mimi ensures every item she creates seamlessly fits into her day-to-day, bringing an authentic, yet science-backed touch to the market that inspires a trust like never before.


Take Off

Witnessing the brand gaining momentum, she makes the bold decision to step away from consultations and wholeheartedly commit herself to V*GAM Biosciences on a full-time basis. V*GAM gets picked up by reputable media sources such as Huffington Post, La Presse, Elle Quebec, Canadian Living, Fashion Magazine and more before Mireille takes on the judges at Dragon’s Den.


The Manifestation

Dr. Mimi's journey to truth is the result of her passion, discoveries and perseverance; a path of discovery that fused her personal experiences with her scientific expertise. Through trials and breakthroughs, she crafted a revolutionary skincare solution, the award-winning GO2 Biotik Duo, reflecting her dedication to simplifying routines and prioritizing an authentic peace of mind. Dr. Mimi's story reminds us that innovation thrives at the crossroads of passion, science, and a profound desire to make a genuine difference.


It Doesn’t End Here

… stay tuned to advancements in product pipeline, and speaking events. This is only the beginning of truth.

  • Made in Canada

    All ingredients are from natural sources and when possible, from local sources.

  • Respect & Science

    The fundamental values ​​of V*GAM are respect, innovation and transparency.

  • Natural & Vegan

    We make sure our packaging is ecological and our ingredients are from reliable sources and when possible, are sourced locally and organic.

  • Cruelty Free

    Respect for our micro and macro environments. Our planet and our community. Our bodies and our microbiota.

V*GAM Biome

We are a natural cosmetics line, who formulate products based on advanced microbiology and dermatology knowledge, respecting the skin's optimal balance while maintaining top-notch quality. A natural vegan line, free from irritants and toxic ingredients, ensuring non-irritating and non-toxic formulas.

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